Map of Persian Empire dated around 518 BC
Map of Persian Empire Dated around 518 BC

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What does an “award year” mean?

  2. The award year encompasses the fall semester through the following spring semester. For example, an award year can be Fall 2013 - Spring 2014.

  3. What is meant by "must have an active interest in Iranian culture"? How do I demonstrate this?

  4. The Houtan Scholarship Foundation was founded to support those who want to further the knowledge of Iran's culture and heritage to the people. Those who show an active interest do so by publishing articles in newspapers or magazines, participating in interviews, or administering seminars, among other forms of spreading the knowledge. Remember, applicants must provide proof through documentation. Documentation can take the form of a video of the seminar or a magazine clipping, to name a couple examples.

  5. What is the exact due date for the application?

  6. The office of the Houtan Scholarship Foundation must have received the application and all pertinent documents through June 1st. Applications received past this date will not be considered.

We gladly accept tax-deductible contributions to the Houtan Scholarship Fund, which will be used to offer additional scholarships in upcoming semesters.

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